What is DeCefi?

Imagine a world, where as a trader you can have self-custody and still have access to trade some of the best and most liquid assets in the crypto space. That is becoming a reality with DeCefi. The first project which is bringing together the best of DeFi and CeFi, by creating a liquidity gateway for DeFi traders into CeFi products_

Problem today

Traders want self-custody to avoid a loss of funds by a centralized exchange. But the current DeFi products are simply not ready for mass adoption, with high fees, really slow transaction times, and no alternative for instance to the famous BTC-USDT perp futures contract with a 100x leverage_

How does DeCeFi solve this problem

Traders sign-up to DeCeFi and connect their wallet and get instant access to a centralized exchange with Futures products and high liquidity. To open a position, a trader locks some of their wallet balance in a smart contract as collateral, equivalent to the size of the position they want to trade on the centralized exchange. Let’s say $100 worth. The centralized exchange will provide the trader with $100 to trade with, knowing this $100 is collateralized by the smart contract. When the trader exits the trade, the smart contract will go through a settlement process with the centralized exchange based on profit or loss. This is done via an oracle system to ensure all parties act honestly. And that is it, now every trader can custody their own funds and put up a collateral when they want to enter a trade_

Technology and exchange partner

DeCeFi is going into a partnership with a major centralized exchange as the liquidity provider. This will be announced soon. The smart contract and oracle system will be built on Solana, which is the blockchain built for speed. We are also looking into project Serum, which is building a great dex and where we would like to list our token_


There will be 50 million DCFI tokens and most of them will be available for the community to farm. It is simple, traders who participate in this network will get to earn DCFI token as a reward. There is a schedule to incentivize the early adopters with more tokens. As we get ready to launch a product, which focuses on solving the real problems of the crypto trading community, we will be letting a part of our tokens be farmed early on. There are will also be token fund for marketing and community ambassadors.

Looking into the future

More information will be released very soon, so make sure to follow our social media and community chats. There will be a detailed white paper explaining all the mechanics and tokenomics_Let’s build the next generation trading platform together!